Photo Book


So I just finished and ordered my book a mere few minutes ago (more by the time I finish this blog post). My eyes, head, and bank account hurt. Glad that’s done and over with though!

Overall, the process was pretty fun and very self-reflective. As intended. My book is about, well, a visual scrapbook/journal/thingy of what I’ve learned, contemplated, and done in the past 3-4 years of college. These years have been very formative in my life as I became a Christian right smack in the middle of them. And I’ve been studying art which I’ve loved. So it’s been a long learning process. This is probably the..sappiest project I’ve done so far but hey, I’M JUST BEING HONEST HERE.

I only wish I had had more time and clear-headedness to go about it. It’s funny how much different the final product is in comparison to what I initially had in mind. I had no idea how I was going to pull off compiling all sorts of ideas and thoughts into a cohesive form. I mean, I’m not sure if I even pulled it off but we’ll see. 🙂 Actually, it’s good that I didn’t stick to what I pictured in my head. That kind of rigidness in the creative process..well, isn’t conducive to creativity. I had to allow myself to do with what I had and make the best of it. This is in regards to the photographs I had (or didn’t have). There were specific shots that I had in mind and really wanted but couldn’t physically find ways to get them. However, I did end up with some pictures that I really like and that were still able to convey what I wanted (maybe not to anyone else, but at least to myself).

The other hard part was realizing that all my previous artwork is so different from each other, that I really did not want to put them all together. It would be too disjointed. So I did a few new illustrations that I liked more than I thought I would. I was really proud of a couple spreads. Maybe I’ll write a wild piano EP sometime during my lifetime and I use my heart-tree-swing for the cover. Either way, at least I have this sick book.

To my dismay, I found out that there are other books and podcasts etc. on the web titled “Note to Self.” What can I say, that’s literally what my book is…oh well. Nothing is original, as they say. Maybe the awkward colon makes it unique. -.-

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 10.56.42 PM



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