Richard Avedon Documentary: “Darkness and Light”

Sunday afternoons were made for napping. They were also made for doing leftover homework from the week prior. So in my slightly drowsy state, I watched the documentary on photographer Richard Avedon titled, “Darkness and Light.” It talked about his career as a fashion and portrait photographer. I noticed that many of the interviewees touched on Avedon’s genuine nature. Meaning, he somehow brought out the genuine characteristics and personalities of his models or subjects. Therefore, from my perspective, many of his portraits can be described as humorous, rough, and quirky. I respect Avedon’s ability to read and get to know his subjects as humans and convey their emotions and experiences through his photographs. He also had the ability to convey stories through a photograph. This is another aspect that I enjoyed about Avedon’s work since I love storytelling in art. He captured topics such celebrity relationships, consumerism, and even gambling. While his particular art style is not one that I would usually enjoy, I enjoyed hearing and seeing about how his personality and passion for what he loved doing showed through his work.


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