Alphabet Challenge

Welp, the alphabet challenge that we did during class time this week was pretty frustrating. Not only because it was already dark out by the time we’re even in class and shooting, but because of time constraints and the camera I had rented out earlier took a bit of getting used to. However, I enjoyed playing iSpy around school by looking for letters in any nook and cranny. I’ve always thought the student union building was fascinating in design and found some funky letters in unexpected places. No, I had not found a letter “F” during class so yes, those are my brother’s shoes. And no, I did not ask him to pose like that but I’m glad I found him situated like that haha. It’s interesting to see how the meaning of a photo changes within the context of the whole composition. In this case, the context is the alphabet grid. Otherwise, most of these photos barely resemble any of the letters I intended them to. Oh well. Wow, I was so out of it that night. -.-Boe_photo alphabet


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