1. What is street photography? Street photography is when the photographer goes out into a public domain to capture people in a typically unposed position in order to document or say something about an aspect of humanity or society.
  2. Explain what aperture and shutter speed are: Aperture is how wide or closed the diameter of the lens is, thus determining how much light is let in. Aperture is expressed in F-stop, but they have an inverse relationship. The smaller the F-stop number, the wider the diameter of the lens, and the larger the F-stop number, the smaller the diameter. Shutter speed is how fast or slow the lens opens and closes. A faster shutter speed better captures things in motion and the subject will be in focus and crisp.
  3. Explain the difference between a PSD file and a RAW file: A PSD file is one that has been worked on in layers in photoshop while a RAW file is the largest file size that one can shoot in. A RAW file captures images right off of the sensor.
  4. In the Library Mode in Lightroom, what is the information on the right? Metadata.
  5. In develop module, there are six tools. Name the six tools: Crop tool, Clone tool, Red Eye tool, Graduated filter, Radial filter, Adjustment brush.
  6. In Lightroom, there is a wonderful thing called the Histogram. What does the Histogram do? The Histogram shows the different variables of settings of your photo before, during, and after editing.
  7. Name three ways to change your photo to black and white in Lightroom and Photoshop? Through presets, adjusting the contrast, and changing it to grayscale.
  8. When you are shooting, there is a wonderful, beautiful triangle. What are the three component in your triangle when taking your picture? ISO, Aperture (F-stop), and Shutter Speed.

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