Photo Booth Project: Moonlight Beach


In VSAR 302, we were assigned to go out into the community and interact with the public by setting up a photo booth of sorts and photographing 20-30 strangers. I readily admit that I kiiind of dreaded doing this project…so I lowered my expectations and lo and behold, they were exceeded by so much! I chose to do my project earlier today at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas as I was by that area this weekend for an event anyway. In preparation, I constructed a large polaroid frame (classic..) and for funzies, printed out a number of my whale stickers with my blog site written on them to hand out as added incentive, ahaha aside from the fame and the glory. 🙂 I brought along my trusty sidekick Hannah who gives me all the confidence in the world to interact with people. A big challenge was trying to avoid shooting into the sun, avoiding harsh shadows, and adjusting the exposure settings based on the lighting for each location and angle. Sometimes there were clouds, and other times, they cleared and it was super bright, etc. Sigh. Yet overall, I photographed many lovely people who were enthusiastic about the project and loved my stickers (which touched my heart!). I had so much fun interacting with everyone and liked observing how all these people were enjoying their loved ones’ company and soaking up the California summer/fall sun. A shout out and thank you to all who helped me with this project!! 🙂


Clump of moving pixels (aka my video proof of myself doing the Photo Booth project), my phone is garbage: Boe_Photo Booth Video


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