BOE_20OCT17_0001Only a few times during my life have I met a person that came off as so genuinely kind. They just exuded this kind of elusive selflessness that is so rare. I have come to believe that one of the reasons these people are this way is because they possess this quality of humility. The past couple years have been the most transformative years for me. I can only describe them as painfully humbling as I’ve grown in self-awareness and realizing how my pride manifests itself in various ways that ultimately affect my relationships with people and how I go about my life. For example, the low self-esteem issues that I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember have caused me to constantly be thinking about what other people think of me and how I am perceived through everything external. Rather, I should be thinking more of others. One of the most genuine and humble people in my life is my own mommy. Only recently have I come to appreciate what a gem she is. I chose to photograph her potting one of her plumeria plants because it is one of the ways she uses her own two hands selflessly.

I chose to photograph my mom potting her plumerias as a pictorial example of “humility.” Plants give her much joy and she shares that joy by buying, growing, and selling plumerias. My mom also uses her hands to pick said plumeria flowers and share them with old folks at the retirement home down the street. She used her hands when she worked as nurse before having five kids and homeschooling all of them. Just as she nurtures her plant babies, she nurtures everyone around her without looking for praise or something in return. Mom has a quiet spirit to her but is never afraid to speak up for what she believes and for what is truly important to her. She also makes bomb filipino food and breads and is such a goof. You go, Mom. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve two humble and selfless parents.

In Lightroom, I converted my photo to black and white and upped the exposure and contrast to highlight the details of her hands.



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