“Silver & Light” – Ian Ruhter


After on field trip on October 16th, we came back to class and watched a short video documentary on photographer Ian Ruhter. He talked about his struggles, internally and externally, as an artist. For his work, he uses the wet plate method which is where he develops his photos with these chemical solutions (which I admittedly did not quite understand) in his delivery truck of a camera on these massive plates. This type of work seems very stressful and I respect him for overcoming various obstacles and being able to produce high-quality, unique pieces. I like that this video documented his natural reactions to when something did not go how he wanted it to. I definitely react the ways that he did if my work goes awry. Mistakes happen more often than not in the creative process. It’s important to learn from them and realize that something better may come out of the second go-around. Or it may not and it’s up to you to take what you can from the experience. Despite the time and amounts of money lost, Ruhter chose to keep shooting. Ruhter literally lived with his art as his handmade camera truck allowed him to document his travels.


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