Discovery Lake Field Trip



I’m surprised, I’ve grown to like field trips…this time on Monday, October 16th, our class down the street a ways to Discovery Lake. I love finding little hidden gems around town that I’d never known about before. Discovery Lake was home to some trails and a park where anyone could enjoy the evening sunlight. My classmates and I were late. Again (oh hey, we’re 2 for 2!). Anyway, the objective for the evening was to practice using natural and artificial light for photographing our subjects. Trying to figure out exposure settings was especially tricky because I kept switching between shooting different subjects and different kinds of lighting. I felt really rushed because the sun was setting quickly and earlier (Daylight savings, don’t leave!) but to my surprise, ended up with some pictures that I really liked. Again, Cory was the most excellent model and I will eternally be envious of his smooth, matte skin. Hashtag blessed. After importing them into Lightroom, our professor showed us how to download presets to use and I really liked playing around with them. I’d like to make my own presets in the future.


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