Production Studio Field Trip

We all met up in the production studio today (in that labyrinth of a library…) and learned about artificial lighting for photography (and videography). I absolutely looooved it. Which doesn’t mean I’m any good at it yet, but. I just love the idea that one can create different effects within photos and convey a range of emotions to the viewer. #artsy  We all had to take a turn being in in front of the backdrops and lights and seeing all the cameras peering at you. ‘Twas definitely awkward and all I could think about was how I wish I had some dang blotting sheets. But the lighting made everyone look so good! It sounded like we all had a really fun time shooting, laughing at all the poses, and directing each other into all the ridiculous poses. I hope that we feel closer as a class, I’m definitely enjoying the range of personalities around me. 🙂 Jeri was super helpful in the lighting department and giving us general photography tips. I still have trouble getting used to adjusting exposure settings but once I get used to how the camera works, I just get pumped! For the future, I hope to better direct models and manipulate lighting to make compelling and beautiful images.


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