“Everybody Street” Documentary

In class tonight, we watched the documentary “Everybody Street” which showed how certain street photographers go about in their work. It was amazing to see the passion that went into their work. It is rare to find people like these street photographers that share that kind of interest and curiosity in people, especially in New York which is a city that houses a hugely diverse range of people. These photographers took photos of homeless people, cops, children, rich people, poor people, seemingly average people, and just about everyone else in between. Their imagination and curiosity led these photographers to explore all the different ways to capture the different ways people interact with others and their environment, as well as the social climate of the time. Some of the places these photographers ventured into are disturbing and difficult to face, mentally and physically. I have a lot of respect for the people who live in these environments every day and the photographers who go out to document their lives in the harsh realities that they are while also portraying the humanity that there is. Despite people’s circumstances, environments, and backgrounds, they are still people and these photographers help to bridge the gap of misunderstanding that all too often occurs between the vast number of social groups.


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