Walnut Grove Park Field Trip

On Monday, September 25th, my VSAR 302 class went on our first class field trip! We went to Walnut Grove Park off of Twin Oaks Valley Drive in San Marcos, not too far from school. I carpooled with Saul, David, and Victoria where we met up (okay okay, we were really late) with the rest of our class and Professor DiBenedetto at around 5:30. Unfortunately, that time is traffic hour BUT we got to see a pretty fall sunset! Everything was glowy and calm. We were instructed by our professor to practice the various composition shots (rule-of-thirds, framing, etc…) we have been learning, also making sure to take some shots of at least two classmates that we don’t know. Seemed easy enough but as always, time was running away and figuring out exposure for each shot was time-consuming. At some point, most of us got so desperate to snag some pictures of classmates that we clumped together and formed a photo-taking train. Hilarity ensued. Field trips are always fun because going somewhere other than on campus shakes things up and explore other areas as a class of artists.


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