Diptych & Triptych

My diptych is pretty straightforward as it shows a fence of vines and flowers in the first photo and a close-up shot of a bee within one of the flowers. It’s miraculous how such little creatures such as bees are able to bring beauty to the world by pollinating flowers (they also make honey and I love honey. Banana bread+honey+butter=yes). It’s easy to forget the fact that in this huge world, there are tiny miracles happening all the time and everywhere. From giant sequoias, that were one time tiny seeds, sprouting over many years to a bee pollinating in the microcosm of a flower. Taking myself out of my own world of homework, projects, and mundane daily routines, and quietly observing this bee was pretty therapeutic. Thank you, little bee.

Actually, the only reason I stopped by this fence was because my little sister sabotaged the time outside that I had to pictures. 😡 She was so annoyed that I had wanted her to be my model, so she purposefully made angry faces in every shot. Awesome. She ran home so I shot whatever I could before it became dark outside. So I suppose I owe her thanks and some candy. Anyway, I’m still practicing adjusting the exposure settings and focusing manually which is a fun challenge. In Lightroom, I loved playing around with the split toning, graduated filters, and adjustment brushes. I didn’t want to do anything too drastic, but little adjustments here and there were very helpful. I can’t wait to play around more in future projects and personal photography projects!

Edit 10/1/17: Directly below is a triptych composed of the actually decent photos that I managed to take of my sister. She’s an interesting little character and I wanted to convey the sense of wonder and mischief that she constantly exudes. Despite annoying each other on a daily basis, she is one of my best friends and favorite ray of sunshine in my life.



For the Sake of Bee(-ing) Kind

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