Maternity Photos – Spring Break!

It's spring break. I borrowed a camera from school to take some maternity photos of my friend Hannah - for kicks. She was not into it...but we're glad we took them! We had to rush so I forgot to set the correct exposure for the background especially since it was a cloudy day I [...]


Photo Book

Link---> So I just finished and ordered my book a mere few minutes ago (more by the time I finish this blog post). My eyes, head, and bank account hurt. Glad that's done and over with though! Overall, the process was pretty fun and very self-reflective. As intended. My book is about, well, a [...]

Alphabet Challenge

Welp, the alphabet challenge that we did during class time this week was pretty frustrating. Not only because it was already dark out by the time we're even in class and shooting, but because of time constraints and the camera I had rented out earlier took a bit of getting used to. However, I enjoyed [...]

Night Photography

This week, my procrastination reached new lows and I found myself in my driveway at 1:30am on Sunday figuring out long exposure photography. I bribed my younger brother with candy to help me out. Light writing turned out to be a lot easier than I expected, but also ridiculously fun! We came up with a [...]


What is street photography? Street photography is when the photographer goes out into a public domain to capture people in a typically unposed position in order to document or say something about an aspect of humanity or society. Explain what aperture and shutter speed are:ย Aperture is how wide or closed the diameter of the lens [...]


Only a few times during my life have I met a person that came off as so genuinely kind. They just exuded this kind of elusive selflessness that is so rare. I have come to believe that one of the reasons these people are this way is because they possess this quality of humility. The [...]